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Gocco Playroom: Kids playhouse

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In Gocco Playroom, there are no rules! Play the way you want with Necco the cat and observe his funny reactions. Explore the 3 different locations filled with numerous interactive items including toys & food.1. Kids’ Room - CuriosityA wide variety of toys and surprises are hidden in Kids’ Room. You can play with blocks, let Necco go down the slide, take a funny picture with the camera... See what happens if you push the red button!Heading to the right, there is a bathroom. You can let Necco sit on the toilet seat, take a shower, dry himself... You may also find something in the cupboard under the sink!When Necco looks tired, it’s time to go to bed.
2. Kitchen - CreativityPlenty of ingredients and cookware await you in the big kitchen. To begin with, cook beef with the frying pan or the oven. If you combine the cooked beef with a bread roll, you’ll make a hamburger! Try various combinations to find secret recipes.Oh, I hear a Japanese music from behind the curtain! Welcome to the “Gocco Sushi” restaurant. You can enjoy yummy sushi and even make your own by combining fresh fish and rice.Necco has likes and dislikes so let’s search for his preferences. I would NOT recommend that you use hot sauce...
3. Beach - DiscoveryA pirate ship is found at the beach. The ship looks as if it could move at any moment but let’s explore it. Play on the swing, enjoy fishing on the ship, and then, let Necco take a rest on the deckchair found on the beach.Did you see the vegetables and fruit over there? You need some strength to pull them out but let’s harvest them. They can be turned into juice by using the mixer in the kitchen. Necco will like fresh fruit juice.Oh! I think I saw something gleaming in the cave…
In each of the 3 locations explained above, you will find a toy box: it is a magical toy box! Any item you put in it in one place can be taken out in another. You can deliver fresh crops to the kitchen, bring your favorite toys to the beach, and even take a photo at the sushi counter.There are no rules or goals other than to have fun. So use your imagination to find your own play style!
Features■ Stimulates curiosity with a wide variety of interactive items in 3 different locations■ Develops empathy by observing the character “Necco” and exploring cause & effect relationships■ Stimulates imagination by letting kids freely invent and develop their own stories■ Multitouch support enables several users to play together■ Ideal for children aged 3 and above ■ No in-app purchases■ No third-party advertising
About GOCCO"Gocco" means role-play in Japanese and in Gocco apps, kids enjoy role-playing which enhances a child’s ability to learn and think for themselves. Our goal is to help kids discover what they are most interested in and stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids will develop and maximize their creative potential.
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